Ceramic Hummingbird Essential Oil Diffuser

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Nourish your soul as you fill your space with your favorite essential oil scent. This two-part essential oil burner is handmade on a potter's wheel especially for Creative Soul Care™ featuring our Hummingbird logo on the front and "NOURISH THE SOUL" on the back.
The lower portion of the burner features decorative flowers and is large enough to burn a tea light candle. The upper bowl is decorated with crystal blue glaze to hold water and a few drops of essential oil.

Simple Directions: place a tea light candle in the candle holder, fill the upper bowl dish with water, then drop a few drops (2-4) of your favorite essential oil into the water. Use more drops for a stronger fragrance. Make sure to keep the water dish full, after a few hours the water will evaporate. Monitor the amount of water in the bowl as it burns so it doesn't burn dry.
Don't leave your essential oil burner unattended while burning.

This oil burner includes one tea light candle. Essential oil is not included, BUT ARE AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE: https://www.creativesoulcare.com/aroma

Approximate Dimensions:
5 1/2" Total Height with upper bowl
10 1/2" Burner Diameter
3 1/2" Upper Bowl Rim Diameter