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Life Balance


Hi, I'm Rebecca!

As a Creative Life Coach, I am able to provide a unique, dynamic and creative approach to Life Coaching. My commitment to all my clients is to be a supportive guide providing creative tools for healing, expansion, and empowerment to move through life transitions and occurrences that cause indecisiveness, anxiety, fear, and judgement - all of which can cause a disconnect from our soul and keep us from living the life we desire and deserve. 

Creative Coaching is an opportunity to be with creative process for the purpose of discovering and engaging in one's inner wisdom for insight and well-being. Using collage, painting, narrative process and integrative depth work clients have the opportunity to discover and reveal insights, next steps, and opportunities for life transitions. 

If you're curious about Creative Life Coaching and would like to learn more about how my unique creative coaching tools can help you live a more authentic, joyful and balanced life, let's talk! I offer a FREE initial 30 minute discovery consult. Schedule your FREE session by clicking the button below. I would love to be your guide on your journey back home to your true self. 

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